Sunday, March 11, 2012

Science of Shopping: #5

For this weeks assignment, I visited the Neiman Marcus in the Topanga Mall. This wasn't my first time going there so I was pretty familiar with the layout of the store. When you walk in the store from the outside parking lot, you step foot right into the women's section... I find that strange that they cater to women so promptly. When you get on the escalators going down to the bottom floor, you see butterflies hanging from the ceiling making you feel like you're in some imaginary fairy world or something (I guess its something else to cater to women because its my moms favorite part in the entire store). Once you get to the lower floor, your left, right, and front is jewelry/make up/fragrances. The mens section is behind the escalators out of sight. Going back to the mens section, you will also see a restaurant in the store itself. What store these days has its own restaurant in it? 

I feel this specific Neiman Marcus was modeled to cater to women. I always have difficulty picking out things for myself because of the narrow selection. All in all, the store is modeled in a very simple way (at least for the lower half of it) it transitions from men clothes to mens accessories to general jewelry then fragrances and finally the exit to the entire mall.

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