Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Space CSUN

For my groups ethnography we decided to go the CSUN Pub & Grill. The function of that space is to provide student with a place to grab food, have a beer, and watch sports on the big screen. Our visit was early in the morning at around 9:45am and at that time there was barely anyone over there and the people who were there were mostly hitting the books or on their computers. However, during the day the pub gets very packed and its pretty difficult to get a table. The area serves its purpose well because students need somewhere to come hang out and relax from the hectic college curriculum and maybe get a beer, socialize, and watch some sports. I feel that CSUN as a whole is like a city. Because when i look at Los Angeles, I see people living the day to make a living in most cases which is a pretty common goal of people in L.A. So i think the same about CSUN; its a community in which everyone has almost the same goal and is trying to graduate for a better future. This of course comes with the stress like life in the actual city, which makes having the Pub really great. Students can go somewhere to hang out with friends and loosen up their nerves.

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  1. I feel that same way that CSUN is like city. I have been at the Pub once with a friend. It smelled bad in there almost like chemicals. When i went it was around 5pm; however, it was still pretty vacant. For some reason the outside looks more appealing than the inside. I always thought it would be grand inside. I was mistaken.