Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Intro/Reflective Essay

       Having a combined year of 114 level English has taught me a lot. 114A was able to help me get the general feel of writing. Out of high school, I was not a big fan of essays and I was not really capable of writing a professional essay. By the end of the first semester, I got the hang of writing very well. It seemed like it was second nature to me. I would not get irritated or stressed when I had a thousand word essay due in one week.
Come the start of second semester, I was already curious as to what I would be learning in 114B. I was tired of the typical prompts we had to write the essays. I guess I felt this way because it was the same way since high school. As the professor started introducing the new course to us, I was getting more and more excited. The reason being because it actually involved using a lot of my perspective and opinions and just analyzing everything very thoroughly in a personal way. This intrigued me a great deal and from that day it was safe to say that it had turned into one of my favorite courses.
A week or two into the course was where things really started to take off into the direction I was hoping for. We drifted away from the typical prompts and instead had a lot of options to write about things we personally wanted to. I liked this a lot and it gave me much more freedom to express myself. And from what I have learned, I write better when I am writing about a topic that I am interested in. Rather than writing about what the professor told me to. 
I started exploring the spaces around me and analyzing and determining why everything is in a certain way. I started questioning a lot of things and I started coming up with my own solutions to everything thus making me a more independent individual. This class had a lot of self teaching incorporated into it as well and that is something you can use throughout life, not just in one class. 
I have used all the lessons I learned in the class to write my essays. I feel that If I did not have the 114B class, I would not be able to write my 114A essays because it just would not click. For my recent essays, I analyzed every single detail to a dime before I put it on paper. 
The entire English 114 course taught by Professor Dinsmore was something I would be able to incorporate into every day life and that is exactly what I am going to do. It was a bridge into the real world for me and I will never forget the things I have learned in this class. It changed how I think as a person and it also changed how I will make future choices. 

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