Monday, April 16, 2012

As Nature Made Him

My final thoughts on the book still remained the same as they were from day one. When i started reading the book, i found myself agreeing with everything Dr. Diamond had to say. I was raised to believe that everyone should grow up according to the sex they are born with. That is how me and my family thing and nothing is going to change that. Now god forbid an accident happens, like there was in Bruce's case, i don't think it should try to be covered up resulting in a bigger mess.

i feel if that were to ever happen, the child should grow up how they normally would in the gender role they were born with. they should later determine THEMSELVES whether or not they would want a sex change. this in my opinion would be best when they're more mature and can think and make their own decisions.

in the end, i found all of this wrong and even corrupt to a certain extent because i felt that Bruce was being used as a laboratory guinea pig without proper proof that a certain operation can be done in his case with positive results.

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