Monday, February 13, 2012

Ethics Behind "Slayers" & "Society"

I feel like the moral principles of “Slayers” characters can be both good and bad. For example the Kable is trying to get through 30 rounds to be released in order to go back to his family. Also take into consideration that he imprisoned for something that he didn’t do. There can also be characters who really were murderers or rapists previous to being convicted. The ethics behind all characters is likely to be different. As of this second I don’t think that it would be right in any case for someone to die for public entertainment. Now when I think or myself in 15-20 years when everyday society does not have any decent morals left in themselves, I really wouldn’t care what would happen to a death row inmate, especially if I was as well off as the boy in the movie.
Looking at society, the only thing that came to mind was that I was seeing a real life version of “The Sims” being played. Knowing that these people get payed for what they do didn’t really make it easy for me to accept what they were doing in the beginning. But later on in the film when I started to see that modern society has changed so much that we were living in an almost robotic world, I couldn’t figure out another way the middle class could make a living. After getting myself to accept the fact that people sold themselves for a certain hours a day so they can make a living, I saw that the “consumers” almost all had he same deficit of moral ethics. All they used their “avatars” for was sex and partying. Seeing that the life in “Society” was almost identical day after day seemed a bit cliché to me because it shows just how narrow minded people are thought to be.

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