Sunday, January 29, 2012


After reading Implications of User Choice: The Cultural Logic of “MySpace or Facebook?” by Danah Boyd, there were things I was able to relate to. One would be that I also had a Myspace and a Facebook simultaneously. The reason for this was because Facebook was just getting started and most of my friends hadn't migrated there or weren't able to fully utilize the site yet. As time went on, almost all of my acquantiances were able to shift over to Facebook.. at the time I guess Facebook was still able to serve its purpose of "networking students". From my most recent Facebook experiences, its safe to say that all i had been seeing were 10 or 11 year olds creating accounts and diminishing the purpose of the website. In the meantime, I still had my Myspace account active and for old times sake, I decided to log in. All I saw was girls dressed like hoodrats, little boys trying to be gangbangers, and the typical 10-13 year old crowd. I guess the only conclusion I can come up with is that the fight between this sites is typically the survival of the fittest. My Facebook and Myspace experience were of the same length.. I guess sooner or later a new socializing site is going to come out to out do Facebook.

Over time I started to feel that having a Facebook was one of the worst decisions I had made in my life. It has been over two years that I've erased it and I can safely say that doing so was probably one of the main reasons I got accepted into CSUN. As soon as I had my Facebook gone, my grades and overall GPA skyrocketed. I felt that it was like a bad drug.. I came home from school, and went straight on Facebook, even in class, I had the Facebook app on my phone and thats all my attention would be on the entire day. As soon as I decided to erase all things which involved me confining myself in my room and sticking to my computer, everything changed to my eyes. I spent more time with family, I was more productive, and I was COMPLETELY living drama free which was the most relieving thing ever..

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